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제목 Protect your skin from UV rays
작성자 THE SKIN HOUSE (ip:)
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  • 작성일 2022-08-19
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Ultraviolet rays are a direct cause of skin aging. Most people think UV rays will be strong in the summer, but they are also strong in the winter as well. That's why it is recommended to use sunblock even in the winter.

Especially when it snows, the sunlight reflected by the snow is four times stronger than the summer beach. Therefore, you must use sunscreen when you go skiing or sledding.

Sun Burn

In summer, there are many days when the hot sun shines. As a result, excessive exposure to the sun causes inflammation of the skin and causes red and stinging symptoms. This is called sunburn.

 Sunburn is considered to be the cause of skin cancer and skin aging. UV rays should be avoided as much as possible to prevent any sunburn on your skin. When you are doing outdoor activities, it is recommended to wear a hat or apply sunscreen to prevent any kinds of sunburn. Some foods are known to have effect on treating or preventing sunburn. What kind of foods are good for sunburn?

1. Cucumber

Cucumber does not have any preservative ingredients nor disgusting smell, and it is the better than sunburn relievers. When you apply grinded cucumbers on your sunburn skin, you can get a calming effect on your skin.

It is said that mixing cucumber with glycerin and rose water makes a great sunblock. 

2. Potatoes

The carbohydrate complex in potatoes relieves sunburn symptoms. Cut raw potatoes and rub them against the burned area and this will help calm your skin. In case of severe burns, it is recommended use mashed potatoes that are very cold and use them as a mask pack

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are sometimes called red gems that prevent sun damage to the skin. Studies have shown that people who eat five spoons of lycopene-rich tomato pasta every day for three months have 25 percent higher chance to protect their skin from sunburns.

4. Aloe

Aloe has juicy substance, and it is effective not only as a health drink but also as a sunburn reliever. Applying aloe juice directly to the skin or buying aloe vera gel at a pharmacy and refrigerate it to make it cold is good for calming skin and sunburn.

✔ So, what would you like to do for your sunburn? Best thing is that prevent sunburn! So don’t forget to wear sun block in your daily life. 

1. The Skin House - UV Protection Sun Block 

Moist ultraviolet rays blocker without sticky residue

UV Protection Sun Block has a refreshing completion without greasiness. It is mild for the skin, but strong for intercepting ultraviolet rays (SPF50+, PA+++) with the blockage of both UV A and UV B.

2. The Skin House - UV Protection Sun Block Teatree

Blocking the Ultraviolet Rays(UVA/UVB), SPF 50+, PA+++

The light hydrating cream turns into powdery texture Lightweight and Quick-absorbing formula provides protection.

Without Paraben, mineral oil, ethanolamines, sulfate, artificial fragrance, color, silicone, propylene glycol

Suitable for: Especially for Oily and Combination skin

✅ Recommended products for Moisturizing & Soothing

1. The Skin House - Marine Active

2. The Skin House - Aloe Fresh

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